Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and foundations can help to protect and preserve wealth and the wealth of upcoming generations.  They are useful in family business structures and in philanthropic and corporate responsibility strategies.

Today, people are in constant motion and corporate and family structures frequently change.  Trusts and foundations can assist in the responsible allocation and provision of funds for all stages of motion of the modern family.  Trusts and foundations afford greater flexibility over the management and distribution of assets.

We believe in the establishment of trusts and foundations in reputable jurisdictions with strong legislation that has been tried and tested.

Aspen Fiduciaries Limited 

can assist in the establishment of trusts in Belize and New Zealand.

Foundations offer the greatest flexibility when structuring and controlling family assets and are an alternative to trusts.

The foundation functions as a corporation but offers the protection and continuity of a trust.  Foundations are easier to understand in a civil law environment; although there are various English common law jurisdictions which now offer foundations.

Panama, Belize, The Netherlands, and Seychelles have proven most reliable in the establishment of private interest foundations.

Aspen Legal Services 

can help with all civil law products such as foundations.

Trusts Foundations
Trusteeship and related fiduciary services. Foundation council and foundation council support services.
Asset Protection. Private Family /Patrimonial interests protection.
Forced heirship avoidance. Forced heirship avoidance.
Oversight can be given through Protector and clear desires stated in letter of wishes. Corporate control over the assets vested into the entity.
Charitable Purposes. Philanthropic endowments.
Total and clear separation of ownership, management and control of the assets. Family or group pension funds.
Art collections and other valuables. Art Collections.