Belize boasts an excellent reputation and it is readily accepted in banks in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and major banks around the world. Belize is a clean, reputable jurisdiction that meets international standards of best practice.

Belize is an English language jurisdiction but you can register your company in the language of your choice. A common law, experienced jurisdiction, Belize is an excellent choice for the international investor and international business owner who operates from any segment of the globe.

On January 1, 2019, the government of Belize passed a law making major changes to the International Business Company, essentially making the IBC more of a local company without subjecting it to the payment of local tax provided the source of the income nor the source of the receipts are from Belize.

There is also a requirement for filing annual tax returns and there are changes to the conditions of the IBC if there is a resident director or if the company has physical presence. These are good news for the jurisdiction since it now resembles more long-term established jurisdictions. Although changes to the law are effective, the government of Belize has yet to indicate how these changes will be executed.

Also, we are waiting for guidance on the standing of the great protection and confidentiality the law which governs IBCs. However, most changes to the Belize International Business Companies Act will affect existing structures and will impose reporting requirements to all.

Please contact us for guidance and possible options to your existing structures.

Check out our quick facts guide and other information regarding the recent changes to the Belize Companies Act:

Belize: Stamp Duties 2018
Belize: Intellectual Property 2018
Belize: Income and Business Tax 2018
Belize: IBC Amedment 2018
Belize: General Notes IBC Act Amendments 2018

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Government & Political Stability Excellent Belize has a long history of peace, stability and democracy. It is an independent country, member of the Commonwealth and CARICOM.
Location Caribbean Belize is located on the Eastern seaboard of Central America. It is bordered Guatemala to the West and to the North by the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.
Type of Law English Common Law.
Language English Registration of Chinese name and issuance of M&A in Chinese and other languages, available.
Level of Confidentiality Compliant Belize is in compliance with the highest standards imposed by OECE.
Type of Company IBC Limited Duration Companies (LDC) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Foundations are also available.
Tax on Offshore Profits No Taxation on income sourced from within Belize, includes property ownership in Belize.
Local Registered Office & Agent Yes
Minimum Director 1
Local Director Required No
Corporate Directors Allowed Yes
Minimum number of Shareholders 1
Corporate Shareholders Permitted Yes
Company Secretary Required No
Bearer Shares No Aspen Global Incorporations does not provide companies with bearer shares.
Annual Return Filing Yes If income is sourced in Belize
Audited Accounts No
Shelf Companies Available Yes English names only.
Certificate of Incumbency available in Hong Kong Yes We have been authorized by the Registered Agent to issue certificates of incumbencies (registered agent certificates).
Trusts Yes The Belize Trusts Act is based on the Guernsey Trusts Law of 1989 with various amendments and innovations. Belize trusts are exempt from all local taxation including duties charged on the death of the settlor or beneficiaries.

Trustee services available.

Bank accounts, Visa debit cards, on-line banking and other banking services Yes Service available for approved Belize IBC’s.

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Schedule of fees available upon request.

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