Company Secretary

The key to keeping offshore operations in pristine order is having the best competent secretarial support.  The company secretary ensures prompt and timely completion of every requirement in each jurisdiction.

Every private limited company needs to have at least one director and in some jurisdictions, a secretary is mandatory. Aspen Global Incorporations Limited this service even in those jurisdictions where a secretary is not compulsory.

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The secretary is the main administrator of the company; s/he ensures that all regulatory and mandatory documents are timely filed either with the Registered Agent or the Registry in the location where your company is registered.  In short, a professional secretary will make sure that you comply with all due diligence, statutory, and jurisdictional requirements.

Many opt for appointing the secretary as a director of the company; therefore, s/he will have the same responsibilities as other directors except in the case of the companies’ accounts; companies’ accounts are the personal responsibility of the director(s).   The company secretary manages and informs directors about all matters regarding the development, changes, implementing of company legislation, regulations and best practice in the jurisdiction where the company is registered.  The secretary will also advise on the effects to the director(s) of any legislative changes.

Aspen Global Incorporations Limited

offers services in a wide range of sectors, primarily advising board members of their responsibilities and implementing board decisions.  Properly managed secretarial services will keep you out of trouble at any company registry and with third parties, such as banks, creditors, trustees, etc.

Aspen Global Incorporations Limited

offers secretarial services to relieve busy directors and their administrative staff from the pressure of accuracy and jurisdictional requirements.

Aspen Global Incorporations Limited

offers a network of nominee secretaries fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  These services are ideal for a one person operation or for those corporate structures established to oversee family affairs, we offer family office services.  We know we can help!