Bank Accounts

We introduce our clients to quality banks and their services.  We assist in completing all necessary and required documentation to establish and administer international bank accounts.  We have developed useful expertise in identifying and working with suitable banks depending on the needs of each client.  All of the banks our clients are introduced to provide high quality services.

We seek to introduce our clients to banks that uphold the highest rules of best practice in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.   We believe that confidentiality while in compliance with local and international laws is essential for the smooth operation of any business activity.  As such, processing bank account openings and making the correct introductions to banks can be time consuming and complicated.

Requirements vary from bank to bank.  Most banks will ask for most of the following submitted in the English language:

  • Evidence of our clients’ identities.
  • Proof of residence of all parties associated with the offshore company.
  • A curriculum vitae of each director, manager, shareholder.
  • Bank and/or professional references.
  • In the case of family trusts and/or foundations a family history and description.
  • A clear idea of the estimated annual income or asset base of the company; the number of transactions per month; the geographic spread of the proposed business and the amount of money that will be left on deposit at the bank.
  • A detailed description of the proposed business activity.
  • Documented evidence relating to the source of funds.
  • Some banks may request an initial meeting with the beneficial owner.
  • Some banks require clients to visit them on an annual basis.