HKSP and their smart graduates

Over the years, many people joining the Hong Kong Science Park incubation programmes have come out with innovative ideas that wins them multiple international awards. Much like the start-up Opharmic who has developed a piece of technology that will allow medical workers to administer drugs in a non-painful/invasive way.

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Modernising Trams

Trams in Hong Kong are well over a century old. As times are changing, so does technology. Many Tram parts are no longer widely circulated making repair and maintenance more challenging. However, Hong Kong Tramways seems to be adapting to the challenge by evolving the technology inside the tram while maintaining the basic outlook and functions of the tram.

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Towngas and the environment

As China pushes for more environmental development, Towngas is looking into expanding to the Greater-Bay Area to handle water supply, waste processing and waste-to-energy businesses.

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Latest information on COVID-19 in Hong Kong

Thematic Website of the Hong Kong Government

“In view of the latest public health risk assessment, in particular the higher risks brought about by activities conducted without wearing masks as shown in recent cases, we are of the view that it is now necessary to tighten social distancing measures, including imposing stringent limits on number of persons and capacity, and other infection control requirements on catering business and requiring the closure of scheduled premises.”

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